#FM17: Jesjua Angoy-Cruyff

In this series, I assume the identity of Jesjua Angoy-Cruyff, the grandson of Johan Cruyff, to have a go on the newly released Football Manager 2017. While Jesjua is a real person (who plays at CF Reus Deportiu at the time of publication), this is obviously a fictionalised version of his emotions and ambitions. In addition, real events have been changed to grant Jesjua an opportunity at Wigan Athletic at the start of the 2016/17 season.

In taking on the role of a real person, I hope to create a more realistic FM experience for myself and my readers. As such, I welcome any feedback as to what you think I should do, and what you think I am doing wrong.

July 1, 2016: A New Dawn

August 6, 2016: A Summer of Confusion

October 6, 2016: A Promising Start

December 25, 2016: A Working Christmas

January 14, 2017: On the Brink